Side Sleepers for Babies

Side sleepers for babies.

My wife just gave birth to a newly born baby, and we are super excited. But, wait, where is he going to sleep?

This is the first question came into our mind whenever we bring a new baby home. Babies do need a lot of care and precautions because we don’t want to hurt them or risk their lives.

Often, mothers are confused in between side sleeping and back sleeping, although they love to have their babies as close to them as possible, some precautions are very important to understand.

Side sleepers for babies.

What will you do, if you think that back sleeping is best, and you put your baby down on back, and after ten minutes, the little one squirms in their sleep and roll onto their side. And what, if your baby refuses to fall asleep until you put them on their side? All your happiness will change into worrying.

So, if your baby doesn’t like to sleep according to your wish, don’t get worried, instead, take a close look at your baby, and monitor his sleeping position.

Among side sleeping and back sleeping, back sleeping is considered as best for babies, but if your baby doesn’t like to sleep onto his back, there is nothing to worry about. Side sleeping is also quite safe for babies when he starts to grow and reach his first birthday.

Some mothers think that by putting their baby on their side will decrease the risk of choking if the baby split the milk out. But according to research back sleeping is the best position for babies to prevent choking. And back sleeping allows your baby to take air easily.

The problem with side sleeping is ‘’sudden infant death syndrome’’. (SIDS) this is very common in babies from 1 month to 1 year. And the major cause of this disease is extra pressure on the baby’s tummy which causes suffocation.

According to research, in most cases, it happens while babies are sleeping on their side. But other than that some other factors too play their role.

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So the best place for babies to sleep is beside their mother, so she can take care of them. Or you want your baby to sleep in a crib, so you can brought a side sleeper for your baby from the market.

List of best side sleepers for babies.

  • Snuggle me organic: this side sleeper will make mom and baby happy, but the price of this product is a bit high. The quality of the product is so amazing that your baby will feel womb-like comfort. It is best for those moms who want their babies close to them.
  • Lulyboo bassinet: lulyboo bassinet to go classic is another reliable product, and it is very comforting for babies. And the best thing about lulyboo is that, is it affordable.
  • Baby delight snuggle: the baby delight snuggle is portable and you can take it anywhere. And it comes with a hood, so you can lay your baby down anywhere. The neutral color of this brand attracts most of the people, and give the baby a tranquil place to sleep.


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